Learn about the difference between com / net / org / info

domains and why they appear different on the sites and who is the best

All of these sites are different in terms of their scope, some end up with com, some net and other domains with org … etc. This type of code in the domain is called TLD, which is a shortcut to the top-level domain, but many can not distinguish between these symbols, And the date of its inception, on this basis I will try in this post to introduce a little, to identify the difference between them

The characters ending with the domains are classified into three types, first as I mentioned in the first high-level public domain, eg .com, .net, .orgv, and then the highest range in the country’s encoding, which ends with state citation, for example ma. For Morocco, then finally the infrastructure ranges, the code is used arpa.

Since the higher ranges in the state coding and the infrastructure are known to be the first of the states, and the second reason is unknown, the high-level domains of the year vary according to the characters that end each domain site and here I will explain to you the differences between them until you take A simple idea about it.

1– com.

The scope of this domain dates back to 1985, when it was allocated to commercial bodies and companies, as well as to other sites that operate in this specialization, which is considered the best at all and is more widespread than other domains, Acronym for Commercial

2 – net.

It is considered one of the most famous and largest domains spread over the Internet, which is used by many sites, and is the domain of the Internet, and the companies that provide the services of other companies, and has a symbol net. Acronym for network.

3 – info.

This domain is used in sites that provide information about the various services, and has the info encoding. From the acronym for information

4 – org.

The upbringing of this domain dates back to the same year as com. , Ie, 1985, is for non-profit organizations or institutions that do not apply to other domains, and is encoded with the word organization

There are other types of ranges of this type, such as edu. Which relates to educational matters from institutes, universities and educational institutions, the scope of gov for government departments and institutions, mil for military bodies and institutions, and the int scope of international institutions such as NATO, all of which fall within the scope of the high-level year.

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