How to prepare green tea to slim in a week

How to prepare

green tea to slim in a week

This article shows you how to use green tea to relax in a week. It is a beverage that has the ability to activate burning rates and help eliminate excess fat.
It also contributes to the elimination of harmful cholesterol and works to control the level of blood sugar significantly, and saves you from toxins, and we will know how to use and benefits of slimming in detail through this article.
Benefits of green tea for slimming and elimination of excess weight
Green tea contributes to increased urinary retention and saves you from the fluid stored in the body, which eliminates excess weight.
Eating it continuously increases the feeling of satiety and reduces your desire to eat and inhibits appetite.
It has a great ability to prevent fat formation in the liver and thus protects you from cirrhosis.
It facilitates bowel movement, which prevents constipation.
Eliminates a large proportion of the fat in the food before it is absorbed into the body. Increases fat burning ratio
Helps to burn fat significantly and contributes to the ideal weight.
Contains a large amount of antioxidants that work to rid the body of toxins and thus increases metabolic rates and fat burning.
Consists of caffeine, which plays a major role in the elimination of excess weight and accelerate the rates of burning.
How to use green tea to slim in a week
You can use this diet while taking green tea continuously for a week’s slimming: breakfast
Eat a cup of green tea with mint leaves, lemon juice and ginger before breakfast half an hour.
Prepare it but do not boil the ingredients on the fire, but add a cup of boiling water to it instead of firing it.
Breakfast is a quarter of my loaf or half a loaf of age, with 4 tablespoons of beans or cheese Quraish, and after breakfast two hours eat a fruit of kiwi
Drink 1 cup of lemon or ginger before each meal for half an hour to reduce

blood sugar and block appetite.
At lunch, eat a plate of soup or salad, and then eat daily protein such as a quarter of grilled chicken or 100 grams of grilled meat or 2 large grilled fish, five tablespoons of rice or a quarter of a loaf.
Dinner should not contain any carbohydrates so you can eat a plate of cheese and salad, or 2 cups of skimmed yogurt with 2 fruit of the fruit you are allowed to eat.
Before sleeping, take a cup of tea with lavender or chamomile in order to enjoy a quiet sleep away from anxiety and tension.

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