Breakfast gives you vitality all day long

Breakfast A healthy diet should take into account the presence of three main meals containing balanced ingredients complemented with each other in order to get the body the recommended share of each type of food.

It is unfortunate that many of us neglect the most important of these meals, breakfast despite the constant talk about its benefits and importance in relation to the health of the body and maintain its energy and activity.

Breakfast is the basic meal that people, young and old, especially breakfast for pregnant women must adhere to and eat early for her money is of great importance in providing the body with the energy necessary to exercise his daily activities hard and focused.

The Importance of Breakfast for School Students:

Breakfast is especially important for students to help them concentrate

assimilate and increase physical activity thus increasing intelligence and educational achievement and excellence and improve memory.

Studies have shown that students who do not eat breakfast face a problem of concentration and learning and may become sick due to low blood sugar levels in the morning.

Because they do not eat nutritious foods during daylight hours, students who do not eat breakfast quickly get a sense of fatigue

lack of desire for school work and mental interaction is weak and mental stress increases.

Breakfast gives you vitality all day long
Breakfast gives you vitality

Importance of breakfast for children:

For children, our livers are considered to be one of the most important meals for many reasons:

_ Give the child the necessary energy and necessary after eating dinner,

the child remains (6_7) hours at least without food and is a period of sleep during which low blood sugar level,

which is the main source of energy for the brain and nervous system.

Breakfast is of great importance. Children who eat breakfast have their academic achievement,

school activities and their ability to finish homework better than children who do not eat breakfast.

Breakfast gives fullness, especially if it includes fruits,

vegetables, and milk products.

It provides the body with proteins,

calories and weight gain.

Breakfast also helps to improve the mood as a result of the body’s energy,

vitality, and activity,

providing it with the energy it needs throughout the day and protein and calcium necessary for the growth of bones and muscles by focusing on drinking milk in the morning,

It also provides the body with iron to strengthen blood and fiber to improve digestion and many other nutrients, this reduces fatigue and fatigue.

Eating cereal products in the morning, such as oats and wheat,

will lower your cholesterol level and help you feel full, thereby reducing your cholesterol consumption in other meals.

Benefits of breakfast:

Regulating the level of insulin in the blood.

It helps to grow properly.

Improve the mental state.

Strengthens the immune system.

Increases the feeling of calm, which increases the ability to control nerves during the day.

It reduces fatigue, stress, laziness, and lethargy, so it is recommended to eat breakfast with a healthy caffeine-free drink.

_ Maintains the activity of the body throughout the day because it provides the energy necessary to increase its vitality so it must include the necessary nutrients of dairy, vitamins, and minerals.

_ Lose weight, especially when eating sweets because it supplies the body with calories that will be burned during the conduct of daily activities.

Breakfast helps to strengthen the body’s immunity against diseases such as diabetes,

where this meal aims to control sugar levels through a proper balance between protein, carbohydrates and a little fat, and if not eating breakfast feel hungry throughout the day and will have low blood sugar,

Most people work during the day as what they eat at dinner does not have any value in the thousands of working conditions during the night.

Be sure to choose the right breakfast to control your eating habits and exercise regularly.

Nutrients to be provided for breakfast:

_ Starches: because they contribute to body energy and the most important (bread).

_ Vegetables: Because they contain a high percentage of fiber,

vitamins, and water.

_ Fruits: Because they contain many vitamins important to the body.

_ Dairy: such as milk and its derivatives of cheese and milk.

Fats: such as useful unsaturated fats (such as olive oil and nuts).

Breakfast with diet:

Women who follow the diet to lose weight and stay away from breakfast and this is the wrong habits that can be followed,

when they give up breakfast tend to eat more in the next meal and eat more snacks during the day in order to calm their hunger and more physiologically,

the body tends to store less fat when eating smaller meals and while avoiding very long interruptions between meals.

Scientific studies have shown that people who used to eat breakfast less body weight compared to people who do not eat it

I expected to eat :

It is important to provide the body with the necessary energy to carry out daily activities,

but we have to provide diets to meet the needs of the body

the feeling of hunger and in general it is recommended to eat when you feel hungry,

and different people have different dietary needs in the morning so you can eat breakfast early or Depend on the physiological needs of each individual.

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